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LOCTITE cleaners

LOCTITE cleaners and degreasers are high-quality products formulated either water-based or solvent-based. When choosing a cleaner or degreaser, you should pay attention to drying time, residues, odor, and the compatibility of the product with the material you are cleaning. Special attention should be given to residues: if there are residues from secondary processes such as paint or adhesive residues on the surface, they can have a negative impact on the cleaning process. Also, the product's compatibility with the material is an important factor, especially when cleaning plastics with solvent-based cleaners.

Most commonly used are:
  • 7063 - suitable for all materials (for use before bonding);
  • 7061 - suitable for all materials except plastic (for use before bonding);
  • 7840 - for heavy soiling and degreasing, requires dilution with water;
  • 7200 - designed for removing old adhesives and seals (active foam, impurities should be removed with plastic tools to avoid damaging critical surfaces);
  • 7850 - intended for hand cleaning without water.


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