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Help & support
We assist you with problem solutions and correct selection of bearing and sealing elements (implementation, material) according to the operating conditions

Technical support and consultation

  • With a high level of knowledge and ideas, we reach the optimal solution for your problem.
  • With operating conditions (loads, speed, pressure, temperature, environmental influences, medium...) we help to select elements from the field of bearing and sealing technology economically.
  • We are successful in selecting processes and tools for assembly and disassembly of elements.
  • We offer solutions for the correct assembly of spindle bearings on machine tools.
  • We share expertise in adjusting the airiness of adjustable bearing housings.
  • We advise on proper storage and handling of products.
  • We offer a programme of proper maintenance of elements.
  • We are specialists in the selection of lubricants, depending on the operating conditions and type of bearing (procedures and intervals of lubrication, and the required quantity).
  • We are able to identify the causes of the damage to the elements by using many years of experience and analyses,
  • We execute specialist training in the field of bearing and sealing technology.
In cooperation with the company Schaeffler, we offer technical support for the selection of linear guides and with the help of the LINEAR EASY SOLUTION program, we make calculations of the guides’ lifetime.

We build for the long-term cooperation with our customers and we are maintaining their trust with continuous improvement.

Our values


A broad, quality offer of world-renowned manufacturers.


Integrated solutions in one place.


Quick responsiveness and flexibility over individual cusomer needs.


Employees professionalism is crucial for success.