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Sustainable supply chain

Every link in the chain is important. By teaming up with suppliers who share our values and meet our sustainability standards, we make sure all links in the chain share the same goals, a sustainable supply chain.
In cooperation with our suppliers, we continuously improve the quality and safety level of our products and strive for a supply chain that fulfills our requirements in our Code of Conduct. In our experience, suppliers who score well on sustainability, also score high on quality.
A big part of the products' sustainability impact, of which we are distributors, occurs in our supply chain which we do not directly control. However, we do not leave anything to chance, and our systematic approach is described in our Guideline for Sustainability in Supply Chain.
The aim of the guideline is to develop long-term relationships with our suppliers and improve their sustainability performance including health and safety, environment, social and business ethics. All our suppliers should uphold the standards in the Code of Conduct, and for all defined as “risk supplier”, we regularly perform sustainability audits, followed up with corrective action plans.

Local presence that gives results

To ensure quality and sustainability during manufacturing of our products in Asia, Axel Johnson International has a local office in Ningbo, China. Our local representatives work closely with our suppliers to guide them to meet our requirements. By having local presence, we can review and systematically work for a responsible production, good working conditions and human rights – that the suppliers comply with our Code of Conduct.
”We make suppliers aware of their risks and show them opportunities for improvements by on-site audits. We request corrective action plans and perform follow-up audits. So far, we see can strong commitment and significant improvements at many of the suppliers.”     
Alice Yang, Axel Johnson International’s office in Ningbo, China
Our values


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