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Our quality, professionalism, integrity, flexibility and innovativeness help us become the first choice of our customers and suppliers.
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Fixing technology

High quality and simple fixing of mechanical elements as well as correct adjustment of axial clearance in bearings and gear drives prolong lifespan and ensure smooth and silent machine operation.

Our offer includes:
  • retaining rings,
  • axle cut-outs,
  • shim and support washers,
  • spring elements for preloading of ball bearings,
  • shaft-hub connections,
  • cone clamping elements,
  • star discs,
  • precision clamping fixtures for tools.
NORDLOCK - unique system of protection against loosening the screw connections:
  • prevents loosening in vibration and dynamic loads,
  • no need for special tools,
  • easy assembly and disassembly,
  • the same temperature range as a standard screw/nut,
  • there is no reduction of functionality in the application of lubricant,
  • the possibility of re-use.
SUPERBOLT multi-jackbolt tensioners offer you simple and cost effective tightening,
even for large size bolts.
  • hand tools only
  • fits in restricted areas
  • higher preload
  • increased safety
  • reusable

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We can also offer items from other manufacturers such as: BEA, SIT, RINGFEDER, KTR, MAV, HEICO

Catalogue of retaining rings, disc spring and shim washers ALPA

Retaining ring catalogue SEEGER

Shaft-hub connections catalogue RINGSPANN

Lock washer catalogue NORDLOCK

Screw connections catalogue SUPERBOLT

Mounting system catalogue for screw connections BOLTIGHT

Pivot pin catalogue EXPANDER

Our values


A broad, quality offer of world-renowned manufacturers.


Integrated solutions in one place.


Quick responsiveness and flexibility over individual cusomer needs.


Employees professionalism is crucial for success.