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We are well known for quality products and services, training and consultancy, competence and flexibility

Quality, environmental, and health & safety policy of company Tinex, d.o.o.

Our vision

To become the leading, most reliable, responsive, and technologically advanced trading company for marketing and production of bearing, sealing, linear, and drive technology in Europe and beyond.

Our mission and values:
  • We create long-term partnerships with all stakeholders, based on trust and cooperation.
  • We are kind and honest in our relationships with partners and employees.
  • We maintain and continue a more than 30-year tradition of being a socially responsible and ethical company.
  • We enhance recognition through a wide range of products, a large stock of items, and our own production.
  • We ensure the quality and reliable delivery of goods and services.
  • We operate with an emphasis on knowledge, expertise, and innovation.
  • With renowned manufacturers, our own technical service, professional consulting, and education, we provide comprehensive solutions for our partners.
  • We strive to preserve and improve the environment by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency with renewable energy sources.
  • We aim for a circular economy, focusing on sustainable development.
  • We provide appropriate rewards and opportunities for professional development to our employees.
    In cooperation with workers, we ensure a safe and healthy working environment and work processes.
  • We promote a culture of safe work and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We expect diligence and responsibility from employees, both towards their work and the environment.
Our goals:
  • To ensure stable operations that allow for business efficiency and continuous development of the company.
  • To gain satisfied and loyal partners who return and trust us.
  • To have satisfied and committed employees.
  • To operate in accordance with laws, regulations, and business ethics.
  • To reduce the environmental impacts of the company's operations.
  • To digitize business processes to the greatest extent possible.
  • To continuously improve business processes, quality management, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety.
  • To prevent work-related injuries and health impairments.
  • To conduct business processes and activities without incidents and accidents.

Our company's policy is a commitment for all employees. Management has presented it to everyone so that it is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels.

Each year, based on this policy, we set measurable goals and strive for continuous improvement in our quality management systems, environmental management, and occupational health and safety, in compliance with all legal and other requirements to which we have committed.
Our values


A broad, quality offer of world-renowned manufacturers.


Integrated solutions in one place.


Quick responsiveness and flexibility over individual cusomer needs.


Employees professionalism is crucial for success.