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Lubrication technology

The lubricant in bearings serves to:
  • form a lubricating film, reduce wear and prevent premature material fatigue,
  • dissipate heat in the case of oil lubrication,
  • provide additional sealing of a bearing, in the case of grease lubrication, against the entry of both solid and fluid contaminants,
  • reduce the running noise,
  • protect the bearing against corrosion.
It is known that bearings fail in 60% of cases due to insufficient or improper lubrication. To ensure optimum lubrication, we offer you:
  • correct selection of lubricant on the basis of working conditions and bearing model,
  • greases tried and tested from the bearing manufacturer FAG, brand ARCANOL,
  • automatic lubrication devices.
We can also offer lubricants from the manufacturers NICRO and KLÜBER.
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