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Power transmission technology

The quality and simple connection of machine parts is a precondition for reliable and controlled torque transmission from the drive to the driven devices as well as safe, correct and long-term operation of the complete device.

We offer a wide sales programme of drive technology elements for various design solutions:
Freewheels, backstops
Industrial brakes
Torque and force limiters
Industrial belts:
  • V-belts
  • Synchronous or Timing belts
  • Ribbed or Poly-V belts
  • Variable speed belts
  • Flat belts
Pulleys: Chains:
  • Chains according to the DIN and ASA standards
  • Conveyor chains –with or without attachments
  • Special chains
Plate wheels

Drive shafts: Couplings: Gears and pinions

We are an official agent for drive technology manufacturers such as RINGSPANN, CONTINENTAL, PIZZIRANI, DONGHUA, KETTENWULF, ELSO-ELBE

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We can also offer elements from other drive technology manufacturers such as: BEA, SIT, ELATECH, OPTIBELT, GATES, FLENDER, GERWAH, KTR, SPIETH, STIEBER, GMN, RENOLD, IWIS, ZMC.

Freewheels catalogue RINGSPANN

Industrial brakes catalogue RINGSPANN

Overload clutches catalogue RINGSPANN

List of dimensions CONTI

Technical manual V-belts CONTI

Technical manual timing belts CONTI

Technical manual V-multirib belts CONTI

Cardan shafts catalogue ELSO-ELBE

Shaft couplings catalogue RINGSPANN

14 SEP 2023
LOCTITE cleaners
06 JUL 2023
Calibration pliers
16 FEB 2023
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