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Tools and accessories

Correct, fast, efficient and safe assembly and disassembly of bearings and drive elements are important for ensuring the long lifespan of bearings and seals.

The condition and maintenance of monitoring equipment are important elements in developed industrial environments. They ensure that maintenance is performed when it is necessary. Industrial diagnostics monitors the state of measurable parameters such as vibration, noise, temperature, condition of the lubricant and particles caused by wear. A changed condition in particular equipment is thus detected and measures can be taken in good time.

Sales programme:
  • Hydraulic nuts
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Extractors
  • Induction heating devices
  • Measuring devices for detecting of misalignment defects, alignment of belt pulleys and chain wheels and correct straining of belts
    • Top-Laser SMARTY2
    • Top-Laser TRUMMY2
  • Measuring devices for measuring operating conditions
    • Temp-Check thermometer
    • Detector III vibration meter
  • Measuring devices for measuring geometry
  • Washer plates for levelling
  • Equipment for assembly and maintenance
  • Pliers for installing gaskets
  • Gasket lubricants
Tinex industrijska diagnostika d.o.o. offers assistance from the introduction of monitoring devices up to their efficient use.
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