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Sustainable customer offer

Tinex d.o.o. is at the heart of mechanical power transmission and motion control in all types of industrial machinery. Machines and industries that are essential for society to function, but not always operated in the most sustainable way. With our products and technical know-how, we offer innovative solutions to provide enhanced reliability, safety, and energy efficiency to improve our customer´s sustainability performance.

Energy savings from technical advice and upgrades

With our expertise, we guide our customers to choose the most suitable product for the application, to minimize friction and optimize efficiency. As a customer, you can feel comfortable that you are offered reliable products and solutions with the right level of quality, enabling smooth operations.

From linear to circular

We also take our responsibility to make our products last as long as possible and we do so by offering a wide range of services. As an example, we constantly educate our customers about maintenance,  repair and restoration of our products, we advise them on more demanding service interventions,  offer solutions for automatic condition monitoring, propose more environmentally friendly alternatives,...

By striving for more sustainable offers, and together with our customers exploring new alternative business models, we can contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as enable cost reductions. We continuously seek partnerships leading to product and service innovations with a reduced environmental footprint. The long-term target is to only put products on the market that are possible to reuse or recycle and thereby contribute to a more circular material stream. Of course, without sacrificing neither performance nor reliability.
Our values


A broad, quality offer of world-renowned manufacturers.


Integrated solutions in one place.


Quick responsiveness and flexibility over individual cusomer needs.


Employees professionalism is crucial for success.