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We are well known for quality products and services, training and consultancy, competence and flexibility

Quality and environmental policy of Tinex, d.o.o.

Our vision

To become the leading, most reliable and recognisable traiding company for marketing  bearings, linear, sealing and drive techniques in Slovenia and the European market, and constantly invest in professionalism, innovation and quality of personnel. To strengthen stable growth of the company's, employee satisfaction and environmental standards. By constantly improving, we want to be the first choice.

Our mission:
  • making long term partnerships with everyone involved, building relations on trust and cooperation,
  • being kind and fair to our partners and employees,
  • keeping and continuing more than 30 years old tradion of being socially responsible and ethical company,
  • strengthening the vision of our selling portfolio, large stock of products and our own production line,
  • ensuring quality of our products and service with reliable delivery,
  • doing business with emphasising knowledge, professionalism and innovation,
  • offering solutions for our partners with well known suppliers, own technical support, professional consulting and education,
  • striving to maintain and improve the quality of environment with reducing waste and increasing renewable resources of energy,
  • we strive for a circular economy, with an emphasis on sustainable development,
  • offering our employees appropriate rewards and possibility of professional development,
  • expecting from our employees to be active and responsible to their work and environment.
Objectives of the company:
  • existence and further development of the company
  • satisfied and reliable business partners who trust us,
  • satisfied and loyal employees,
  • do business with our code of conduct,
  • up-to-date monitoring and tracking of environmental requirements,
  • digitalization of business to the greatest extent possible,
  • improving our business and environmental processes.

Our company's policy is our promise to our employees. Management of the company introduced the policy to our employees and together we keep it on all levels of business. Policy is reviewed each year at the managemnet review and confirmed by the managing director.


Based on the Tinex Policy, measurable goals are made every year in terms of company performance and environmental care. We take care of the environment and prevent environmental pollution. We make sure to meet all legal and other requirements to which we have agreed.

Our values


A broad, quality offer of world-renowned manufacturers.


Integrated solutions in one place.


Quick responsiveness and flexibility over individual cusomer needs.


Employees professionalism is crucial for success.